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Your virtual legal counsel

  • No recruitment costs and no delays with recruitment

  • Scale up and scale down to suit your business needs

  • Never worry about annual leave, sick leave, or staff being away for extended periods of time

  • Don’t worry about managing an extra employee

  • The skills and experience of our team are far greater than any one resource

  • Leverage our experience across multiple clients and industries

For innovative and growth companies that want the benefits of an in-house legal resource without the full-time costs.

Packages starting from just $49.95 per week.

Through our virtual legal counsel service we can assist clients with a wide range of matters, including but not limited to:


  • tenders/service contracts;

  • commercial leases;

  • confidentiality deeds;

  • contractor agreements;

  • acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures;

  • intellectual property agreements;

  • minor commercial disputes;

  • governance matters; and

  • corporate matters, including transactions with investors, shareholder agreements.



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