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We work with companies to build their in-house legal infrastructure 

How we work

How we work

We partner with you to develop the right solution bespoke for your business

You don’t work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and neither do we. We are there when you need us, and likely at the beach when you don't.


We work with a select number of clients to ensure quality and timeliness of our services. Most importantly we want to make sure you have a positive experience when dealing with us.


We are focused on positive outcomes for you. We don't just create legal documents. We help you to focus on key outcomes and to work through matters in a methodical and diligent manner to ensure those outcomes are met.


We have experience helping businesses with a wide range of commercial matters, and supporting them in whatever phase of the business life cycle they are in. Whether you are in a start-up phase, growth phase, or exit phase – we have the right solution for you.


What we offer

What we offer

Whether you are looking to build a successful business, or develop a product to disrupt an industry - we want to partner with you 


  • Establishing the right corporate structure for your new business – the focus here is making sure the structure is flexible to evolve as your business grows, but also to ensure that it protects the wealth and value that you will create. Our experience has been that the best results will be achieved if we work hand-in-hand with your accountant and other business advisors.

  • Developing the right commercial agreements with the stakeholders that are going to help drive the growth of your business, including but not limited to joint venture agreements, employee agreements, contractor agreements, and referrer agreements.



  • Completing strategic transactions (e.g. acquisitions of other businesses if you are looking to diversify and/or integrate other services with your primary business) that are going to accelerate the growth of your business.

  • Being a supportive sounding board for your great ideas, and helping you to implement them.



  • Preparing your business for sale (yes selling your business is just like selling properties – you want to present it in the best possible light to support its valuation and attract greater interest).

  • Completing the sale process to ensure that you maximise your return and exit the business on your terms.


Virtual In-house Counsel 

LAB Flexi

LAB Accelerate

LAB Enterprise

  • One hour legal strategy session per month

  • Discounted hourly rates (30% off standard rates)

  • Fixed fee for all scope of work agreed up front (excluding any 3rd party costs)

  • One hour legal services per week

  • One hour legal strategy session per month

  • Discounted hourly rates (40% off standard rates)

  • Fixed fee for all scope of work agreed up front (excluding any 3rd party costs)

  • Bespoke solution designed for the specific objectives of your team and organisation.

  • On-call, ad-hoc, retainer terms available.

Our leadership team

Our leadership team

Paul Napier

Paul Napier

General Counsel / Director 

Paul has a diverse range of corporate advisory experience having worked for one of the Big 4 Professional Services firms, one of Asia Pacific’s top legal firms, and was Group General Counsel and Assistant Company Secretary for an ASX100 listed company.


With extensive experience in advising on numerous different types of commercial and tax matters, managing due diligence projects, and negotiating various forms of business agreements (including strategic partnerships, joint venture agreements, and project funding agreements), Paul believes that the success to any business transaction is ensuring that it is win-win for all participants to the transaction.


Paul has advised on strategic partnerships, acquisitions and divestments, in a variety of different sectors (including services, energy and resources, consumer products, and Intellectual Property) in Australia, USA, China, Hong Kong, Europe, and South America. He has been the legal project lead on acquisition and divestment projects ranging in value from AUD 1 million to AUD 550 million.

Who we work with

Who we work with


We are a member of Legalmondo, an international panel of independent lawyers. Through Legalmondo we enable our clients to go global.

We work with Australian listed entities, start-ups, growth companies, and foreign companies with operations in Australia.

We have acted as consulting counsel to:

  • Queensland based water infrastructure management company

  • ASX listed med tech company

  • international agricultural and food processing business in relation to their Australian and New Zealand businesses

  • NZX listed technology automation company

  • international environmental consulting company

  • UK based stakeholder engagement company

Connect with us

Connect with us




Level 38, 71 Eagle Street

Brisbane, Queensland 4000



+61 421 920 879 



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